Shires Performance Mud Socks

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Product Overview

Shires Performance Mud Socks


A deluxe version of the popular mud boots.


Key Features:

  • Made from dense neoprene mud socks to protect against bumps and scrapes.
  • Ergonomic shaping to ensure a close and comfortable fit.
  • Designed to help prevent mud fever.
  • Keeps the legs mud free.
  • Provides full coverage of the lower leg and shaped out of soft, flexible shock absorbing neoprene for comfort.
  • Suitable for front or hind legs.
  • Fastened with touch close straps.


Size Guide Front Hind
Up to 12.2HH Small Pony Pony
12.2HH - 13.1HH Pony Pony
13.2HH - 14.1HH Pony Cob
14.2HH - 15.1HH Cob Cob
14.2HH - 15.1HH (With good bone) Cob Full
15.2HH - 16.2HH Full Full
16.3HH + Full Extra Full


Shires Equestrian Catalogue Code: 1881 - Shires Performance Mud Socks


(No reviews yet) Write a Review