Shires Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle

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Product Overview

Shires Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle


Shires grazing muzzles are proven to help with controlled or restricted feeding regimes and special diets.


Key Features:

  • Cut back under the chin to avoid unneccessary pressure and improve the fit.
  • Muzzle features a rubber base with a hole in the bottom through which grass can enter.
  • Reinforced web bars which allow free air exchange.
  • Anti-chafe padding around the inside of the muzzle protects the delicate nose and chin area.
  • Head and throat straps benefit from anti-chafe padding.
  • Fully adjustable harness is fitted with a field safe fastening.
  • D-Ring allows a leadrope to be attached. 


PLEASE NOTE: Small Pony will only fit very delicate minatures. Average Ponies will require cob size.

When To Use A Muzzle:

  • For horses and ponies on a weight loss or weight control diet.
  • For use in horses and ponies with Cushing's syndrome or for those at risk of laminitus, insulin resistance and equine metabolic syndrome.
  • Useful as part of their overall management system (often in consultation with your veterinary surgeon).


Grazing Muzzle Research Shows:

  • Reduce pasture dry matter intake by ponies by an average of 80% by significantly reducing bite size and therefore grass intake.
  • Be effective in all seasons. Reducing intake by approximately 78% in spring, 77% in summer and 83% in autumn compared to non muzzled ponies.


Shires Equestrian Catalogue Code: 495NF - Shires Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle



(No reviews yet) Write a Review