Kevin Bacon's Active Soap

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Kevin Bacon's Active Soap


Ah, the summer and its procession of insects that do not stop harassing our friends horses. By studying their lifestyles, we found a very natural solution to eradicate them: a plant oil soap, essential oils and the extracts of plants, handmade by old methods of saponification.

Not only does it effectively fight these pests but also protects, strengthens the hair shine and hair facilitating untangling of these, and it thoroughly cleans the skin.

100% vegetable cold pressed oils like all the many essential ingredients of natural origin that are composed of first quality and also used for human use.

Thanks to the manufacturing process cold, glycerine, hydrating source is naturally present and preserved.

The colour and texture of our soaps comes from the exclusive use of clay, grass, petals, leaves, spices, etc..

Bar soaps are dried for 4-6 weeks.

Kevin Bacon's Active Soap does not contain chemical preservatives.

Store it in a cool dry place.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review