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Horse-A-Holic was established in 2015 by Flo with the help of Emma, providing horse riding clothing, equipment and equestrian gear and accessories online. Starting off on just Ebay and Amazon the company grew from strength to strength and in Summer 2016 our website went live. With more horse riding products being added everyday the website is only going in one direction... up. Bigger and better is the aim.

Based in the UK, Horse-A-Holic provide a wide range of quality horse riding clothing and horse riding equipment for sale. We stock the best of the best from reputable brands including Shires Equestrian, Champion, Charles Owen, Le Mieux, Nettex, HY, Digby & Fox, Toggi & Many more. 




At our core we base our horse riding equipment and supplies on three principles - comfort, quality and practicality. We ensure that all our products are horse friendly and suitable for you. Our online store displays a range of horse riding clothing in stock, from country attire including country boots and accessories to equestrian leisure items including equestrian jodhpurs and horse riding hats and body protectors. 

We understand that when it comes to picking the right horse equipment and gear that everyone has specific needs and requirements that differ which is why we supply such a large range of horse riding clothing and equestrian equipment online that caters to everyone. 

We have two trained hat and body protector fitters on site, Flo and Val, who together have over twenty years experience. In Worcestershire especially Flo is known for her wealth of knowledge and comes with full recommendation from local riding schools for hat and body protector fittings. If you require any advice regarding horse riding safety equipment online, current standards or fittings feel free to pop in and see us.

In 2016 we decided we wanted to support a local rider and who better than Vals daughter Lucy and her trusty steed Magic. Magic started his journey in Cornwall and since then has slowly made his way up to North Worcestershire. Bought in 2011 by Lucy, Magic was a very green and inexperienced five year old full of beans. For the last six years Lucy has taken Magic through most Pony Club events, BE 100 and most recently a Novice. Lucys next goal is to progress to CIC* and compete at Gatcombe by the end of the year. If you want to see more of Lucys journey find us on Instagram or Facebook.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in any of our horse riding clothes, gear and accessories. One of our team at Horse-A-Holic will be more than happy to help. 

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Registered Office: 'The Oakley', Kidderminster Road, Droitwich, Worcester WR9 9AY